Vitamin D and Depression, Where to go for information

A brief little blog post today.

Vitamin D deficiency is rampant in pregnant women, infants, children and adults in many areas of the country, many occupations and many ethinic groups. Vitamin D deficiency has been an increasing problem for the last few decades and seems to be reaching an all time high. Clearly the problem is related to inadequate time out of doors.

The website website, under the direction of John Jacob Cannell, M.D. has an extensive collection of original articles and many many links to scientific papers from all over the world and from numerous scientific publications.

The most efficient way to get adequate vitamin D is to spend some time in sunlight every day or a few times a week. Adequate stores are required to maintain consistant levels in the blood. Vitamin D supplements take time to build up in the system to a therapeutic level. Natural sunlight still works best. Fatigue from vitamin D deficiency may keep folks indoors and may cause a worsening spiral of increasingly severe vitamin D deficiency.

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