It’s the second week of our Spring Break. Even though the kids are on holiday, like so many mums, I still have to juggle work – illustrations to be completed, orders to be dispatched, a laundry pile to be tackled, emails to be sent and phone calls to be made.

As I sat in front of my computer replying to emails, Sam appeared, his face beaming with excitement. “Check out this squirrel mum, it came right up to me while I was on the deck”.


The joy in his face propelled me off my seat and we ran outdoors. Sure enough the cutest little squirrel sat up without a care in the world.

Being in the moment

We sat in our garden mesmerized by this incredible creature showing off his amazing acrobatic skills jumping  from tree to tree with such ease. We watched and listened as the bushy tailed squirrel devoured a large spiky pine cone.



Not before stopping to give us a smile! What an absolute JOY!


I don’t think there is anything more magical for a parent than sharing your child’s awe and wonder at the world. This magical moment of connection fueled our imaginations, sparked our creativity, filled my heart and made my spirit dance.

What is more Important?

Had I stayed at my computer and sent the emails and tackled the chores, I would have missed this magical moment with my son. You can never get these moments back-but you can always tackle the chores later! I have missed many moments because I have not been fully present in the moment. I’ve been too busy, too pre-occupied, but Sam, my youngest,  is now 13 and I know these moments will become less frequent. That’s why I’m grabbing everyone I can.

A Reminder………

The paragraph below (from “The Treehouse” by Naomi Wolf) is my reminder:

There is a hierarchy of what’s important in things to notice. “Sometimes you tune out on lesser details – like where is my wallet or where are the car keys for the more important details that relate to your creative work – for the flamingos in the backyard. I think the discovery of a flamingo in the backyard is of higher order of excitement than “Where’s my car keys?”

“But Dad,” I pointed out, “what if you aren’t doing creative work? And what if there aren’t any flamingos in your backyard?”

“Oh Naomi,” he said, and sighed. “If you are living your creative life as you should be, you are always doing creative work. And, ” he said, “there are always flamingos.”

Wishing you many magical moments with your children…… Marghanita x

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Comment by Marghanita Hughes on April 5, 2011 at 9:46pm
Thanks Wendy. I cannot believe how friendly this little squirrel is.  So much fun to watch. Wishing you lots of joy with your squirrels!!
Comment by Wendy NatureGifts on April 5, 2011 at 7:01am
Fabulous pictures, we love squirrels at our house too.

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