Whitetail Doe -

A doe is a female deer.  Does look similar to bucks, but they are graceful and beautiful in a different way.  And they never have antlers, of course.

A buck is probably chasing this doe. Whitetails are close to the end of the rut right now.  The rut is when bucks go crazy with hormones and start fighting for the rights to breed as many does as they can.  Bucks become real careless and are easier to hunt during this time.

Even during the rut, hunting is hard.  You have to be camouflaged well, find a good hunting spot, actually have deer in the area, and not be downwind.  Camouflage means camo clothes and a good blind or hunting spot.  Sometimes, the deer can smell you from your blind because the wind is at your back and blowing your scent forward.  That’s when you have to move around to the other side where the wind is blowing in your face.

All hunters know this kind of cool stuff.

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