We have been waiting and listening, waiting and listening. Each day as we walk to and from the bus, we—the kindergarteners and teachers— listen for an early spring sound. It is usually heard around St. Patrick’s Day, but with this mild winter, everything seems to be happening early. On Friday, March 9th, we heard it: a unique quacking sound coming from the water in the wooded area beside the school. Wood frogs!

On Monday, March 12th, with the temperature upwards of 62 degrees, the  calls from the water were louder and more constant. Clearly, more frogs had left their winter burrows beneath the leaves to join in the party.

Wood frogs can tolerate very cold temperatures. In fact, both frogs and eggs can survive being frozen for periods of time. Wood frogs  are typically the first to arrive at breeding ponds. A true harbinger of spring?

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