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Suz Lipman's Comments

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At 9:16am on April 2, 2018, Alfred Onyango said…

Hello Suz, I am happy to be back again. we have done wonderful but we need friends who might be of our help to make our project more successful i believe you will be of help, 

Thank you 

At 4:56am on June 14, 2017, Alfred Onyango said…

Hello Group members of Children Nature. We are in need of development partners on children project at kisumu of  Kenya. Kenya.

If there is anybody who can be interested to support a day to day child care program, please leave a comment. Best regards,


At 9:55am on November 21, 2016, Roisin Altreuter said…


I saw in the FAQs section that you are the person to contact about spam messages, I hope that is correct! I joined last week and have already received 2 spam comments (copied below). I apologize for leaving this as a comment on your page, but I was not sure how to best contact you. Please let me know how I can proceed to report spam and avoid this in the future if possible. Thank you!


At 7:16pm on November 18, 2016, baa boola said…

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At 3:09am on November 18, 2016, emmanuel said…

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At 8:06am on November 7, 2013, Sarah Nelson said…

Thanks for the warm welcome! I am looking forward to being a part of such a great resource! Hope to run into you out on the trails :)

At 7:11am on August 26, 2013, Anthony Corvelli said…

Good morning and thank you. 

I will look into that suggestion. We don't tweet much activity, but any help with further PR is always a good thing. :)


At 2:47am on July 7, 2013, Stephanie Tansey said…

Hi Sue,

Yes I'd like to be on the International Group too.  I use the Nature Principle a lot in my work so very very glad that you and Richard are around.

By the way, Radio am774 in Beijing is doing a series based on my book Recovery of the Heart, Dialogues with People Working towards a Sustainable Beijing, throughout July.  We will do more shows throughout the year.  Perhaps there might be interest in participating - taped or live comments in the Chat Room.  Would love to have someone from C&NN! You/we are a wonderful idea whose time has come!

At 10:33pm on April 17, 2013, Alfred Onyango said…

Someone once said that 'no duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks' and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has wish me well in the Children and nature forum platform and to be following my blogs for the months to come. you have made me so happy and  looking forward to go an extra mile with Children and nature discussion. Thank you Suz for your comment and welcome to kisumu center activities.  much information:  www.kisumucenter.com

At 7:37am on January 17, 2013, Suzanne Gabli said…

Thank you for your input and direction.  I think I am part the educator group but will look into the Early Childhood Education group.  Thank you again for your support.

At 5:46am on December 20, 2012, Ed Councill said…

Thanks for the follow up.  I am a great fan of you guys and want to share what kidsGROW is doing.  Why don't I statr with our one page annual report by email.


Thanks again; I am excited to be a part of this movement and am confident we can add much to its continuing success in getting kids and nature together.

At 3:31pm on December 17, 2012, Charlotte K. Omillin said…

Thank you, Suz.

I'm discovering the groups and what great groups on this site!


At 7:23am on September 17, 2012, hollie greer said…

Thanks Suz! I look forward to learning and sharing with others here!

At 9:32am on September 7, 2012, Victoria Serna said…

Thank you very much for your swift reply Ms. Lipman! I appreciate that you all are so diligent in your controlling of the site. I just changed my privacy setting and appreciate that you all created such a wonderful site.

Thank you,

At 3:09pm on September 3, 2012, Kenny Ballentine said…

Hey, Suz. Yes, go ahead and delete my old profile. I will just be using the new one.  And don't worry, plenty of videos, blogs, photos and discussions and headed your way! Thanks.

At 8:44pm on August 12, 2012, Sandy Mickey said…
Thanks Suz. I just joined a number of groups, including the 2 you recommended. Can`t wait to get involved!
At 12:07pm on August 12, 2012, Nkrumah Frazier said…

I am already on the Natural Leaders Network and applied for the Legacy Camp to be held in a few weeks.  I am out of the age range that was requested by a few years but I applied anyway.  Unfortunately I did not get selected but I will be there in spirit!

At 11:52am on August 12, 2012, Nkrumah Frazier said…

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement Suz.  I really appreciate it.  I am trying to bring the Nature Movement here to South Mississippi.  Because we have relatively few large metropolises and an abundance of the natural world left most people here don't see a need to reconnect with it. I'd rather not wait until it's mostly gone to begin to reconnect with the natural world!

At 7:11am on August 1, 2012, Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter said…

Thank you Suz! I will check out the network and groups soon :-)


At 1:13pm on July 30, 2012, Josh Nicholas said…

Great, Thank You! Is there as by chance a member map that could help connect everyone with near by members? Many Thanks Again

At 12:46pm on July 30, 2012, Josh Nicholas said…

Great, Thank you for the welcome.  Is there by chance also a resource library on the site as well?  Many Thanks

At 8:39am on July 25, 2012, Scott Feille said…

Thank you, Suz for your warm welcome to the group.  I wonder if you know of any folks who are working on outdoor classrooms and/or gardens in elementary schools?

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