Spirit Ship is a 15 minute (HD/Super 8) live-action narrative film shot on location in Red Hook, Brooklyn with six children from all over New York City. Following the Little Creatures model, it was shot with no script; rather, the children’s spontaneous reactions to a range of props were recorded, then the children viewed the footage and provided their own descriptions of their actions. This audio was then incorporated into the film as voiceover narration. This is a 2.5 min. trailer for the 15 min. film, due out in festivals and on DVD in Spring of 2011.

Synopsis: While exploring the crumbling shoreline of a Broken Land by the sea, three Children of Earth stumble upon a pile of detritus from what appears to be a shipwreck. The children sift through these strange treasures, fall asleep and dream about the stories living inside them, and upon waking up, decide that they should go looking for the mysterious people who left them behind. Meanwhile, three Spirit Children are on their own journey within an alternate universe that flickers with dream-like film footage of bygone yards and playgrounds. The children continue exploring, past ramshackle warehouses and lonesome homes, trying rusted keys in forgotten locks, and finally come to be able to see beyond one world, into another.

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